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Miniature American Shepherd Rescue


MASCGB Rescue & Support (MASCGBRS) are dedicated to rescuing homeless, unwanted, abused or neglected Miniature American Shepherd dogs. MASCGB will rehabilitate and place lost, unwanted or needy Miniature American Shepherds into new homes; assist those individuals who have a need to surrender a Miniature American Shepherd; educate the public about Miniature American Shepherds; and promote responsible dog ownership and breeding.





27/3/2019 - Currently there are no MAS under MASCGBRS care as the network of MAS breeders, owners & club members provide them with loving forever homes. Breeders have strict contracts with return or buy back policies and most owners have been interested in the breed for a long while and are more than happy to wait for their perfect pup or adult dog so no dogs are placed in incorrect homes.


If you would like any more information or you would like to show your interest in fostering a MAS in need of rescue please contact our club secretary on the contact us page.

Sad Looking Miniature American Shepherd

"A Miniature American Shepherd after a long muddy walk laying down for a rest, after we got home and looked at the photo we commentated on how she looked like an abandoned dog. Which was funny at the time but it does highlight a serious issue about how we feel as owners of MAS and as a breed club that no MAS should ever be put into this position in the first place and if it were to happen that we would want to do everything in our power to find that MAS a loving forever family home!" - MASCGB Member

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