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MASCGB Breeders earn accreditation by only breeding with fully health tested dogs and complying with DEFRA legislation on the care of their dogs and rearing of puppies in the home.

MASCGB Breeders undertake a thorough and extensive health testing programme for all breeding dogs and only breed from dogs within acceptable breeding parameters.

MASCGB Breeders are all fully Licensed Breeders where required and are in compliance with DEFRA Breeding regulations. These regulations state very clearly that a bitch should only have one litter within a 12 month period and MASCGB strongly prohibit any breach of this government legislation by their accredited breeders.

MASCGB Breeders will only accept you for a waiting list following a vetting procedure. Our accredited breeders are small breeders with a passion for the breed and all their dogs are family pets first and foremost.


All breeders listed below are members of MASCGB and follow our breeders guidlines:


Breeding dogs


  • Minimum recommended age for use of stud dogs is 18 months

  • The club recommends no female should whelp a litter before 24 months of age

  • Females to have at least 12 months in between whelping 

  • Females not to have a litter after 8 years of age without approval from the KC


(FCI guidelines used in above requirements)


Recommended minimum requirements before breeding


  • HD/ED scoring by either OFA, BVA or FCI specialists. Any breeding dogs xrayed prior to import may be excluded from required for ED scoring.

  • Annual BVA (or overseas equivalent) eye examination to have been completed within 12 months prior to breeding

  • MDR1, DM, PRA, CEA testing to be completed unless clear through first generation by parentage. Carriers/affected dogs only to be mated to DNA tested clear dogs or 1st Generation Clear By Parentage.

  • HSF4 testing to be completed unless clear through first generation by parentage.  MASCGB members agree not to breed from HSF4 tested carriers or affected dogs

Puppies available

Surrey/Hampshire borders

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Specialised in raising healthy, well socialized and active puppies. Basilea pups succeed in Agility, Flyball, Obedience and Pets as Therapy dogs as well as being perfect little companions.


Our pups have been on covers of several dog magazines incluing The Sunday Times as well as starring in TV ommercials such as Yana having starred in the opening credits of ITVs Grantchester series. Bliss & Yana have also competed at Crufts main arena in 2015 & 2019. Basilea puppies have made breed history several times having qualified for all top Agility Finals in the UK incl Crufts & Olympia, 2nd place at European Open, several Agility CC ticket holders, first UK bred Show Champion as well as the first ever Miniature American Shepherd Agility Champion in the UK.




We are dedicated to breeding top quality Mini Americans since 2014 from our fully health tested dogs - we strive to breed within the breed standard for happy, healthy and intelligent dogs that excel in their owners chosen field of performance and make great family pets. We aim to promote this new breed in the UK by increasing the gene pool with a small number of carefully chosen dogs from top breeders in the U.S. and Europe, only allowing breeding from the best. Our puppies are raised in the home with all the usual household activity, other dogs around them and a full sensory and stimulatory programme. Our dogs all live in the home and are our pets above anything else.




Our dogs are first and foremost family pets, we do breed periodically and this information can be found on our 'Litter Plans' page. We compete in agility with our dogs which can take up most of our weekends.  Obedience is vital in a multi dog household, so all of my dogs have achieved their Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards (Gold) and practice their obedience on a daily basis.  We holiday with our dogs and have invested in a touring caravan which makes it so much easier to take the pack away with us.  Mostly though, we are camped in the middle of a field at an agility show!

I currently feed my dogs on a raw diet, puppies are raised on both raw and kibble so that new owners can choose their diet of choice. I also follow the ‘puppy culture’ programme of sensory, stimulatory enrichment and socialisation.



Scottish borders

For almost 40 years the 'Kilnhurst Clan' originally comprised of Border Collies, has encompassed dogs both pedigree and crossbreed, home-bred and rescue. Our Affix was granted in 1999.
Our foundation MAS bitch imported in 2008, our foundation stud in 2010. We bred the second UK litter of MAS in 2011 and now have three generations of MAS from lines we know and love, having incorporated and imported further dogs from respected USA breeders who are valued friends and mentors.
The dogs are our family and loved companions. They are holistically raised, raw fed and minimally vaccinated, fully health tested and of excellent temperament. We usually breed one litter each year, pups are raised in the heart of the household.
We compete successfully in Agility and Scentwork. Our pups are making us proud in canine sports at every level, as 'therapets', loyal family members and sofa warmers.



Scottish borders

We live on the Isle of Bute with our sheep dogs and pet dogs and spend our time working the farm, training sheep dogs for trial and farm work. Emma has a book called One Girl and Her Dogs the story of her journey to Fallowlees Farm and the trials and tribulations of everyday life.


It is our aim to breed top quality working dogs with the emphasis on working ability. We feel the most important attributes to select are: Heart, Honesty, Bravery and Power and these traits are the life blood of the working collie and can never be sacrificed.


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Our dogs are part of our family, of which three are Miniature American Shepherds. Fae and Anika are half sisters and Naimh is Fae's daughter. 

Our girls are much loved family pets, who enjoy long walks in the Gloucestershire countryside. We treat our puppies as part of the family. Therefore, they learn valuable manners and desired behaviours here with us before going to their new homes.  


*MASCGB reserve the right to verify the health test documents of any members dog/s*
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