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Club Rules


1.1. The name of the Club shall be: Miniature American Shepherd Club of Great Britain
1.2. The object of the Society shall be for the benefit of its Members in the pursuit of increasing the knowledge of, the general improvement of, and the general welfare of the MAS in competition and general management, including, but not limited to: -
a) Basic domestic ownership, the KC General Code of Ethics and promotion of the Good Citizen Dog Schemes.
b) Training for competing, judging and stewarding in Showing, Working Trials, Working Tests, Obedience, Pet Obedience, Agility & Field Trials where demand is justified. 
c) Encourage and promote the breeding of MAS of true type, temperament and working ability in accordance with the American Kennel Club Breed Standard.
d) Increase and promote the understanding of all aspects of breeding (including pedigree and genetics).
e) Increase and promote the understanding of, and support research into, the health and general welfare of the MAS.
f) Organise seminars of an educational nature
g) Organise meetings of a social nature
h) Represent Members at higher levels in the Canine world.

1.3. The Society shall not be classed as a trading business, and will be structured in the most efficient manner allowable to comply with 1.2. All profits, income and donations from any source, function or activity shall be maintained for the benefit of Members as described in 1.2. 


2.1 The Society shall consist of an unlimited number of Members with single or joint membership

2.1.1 Each single Member and each Member of a Joint Membership shall have one vote immediately on approval of Membership. No proxy votes shall be allowed and voting shall be by secret ballot where specified or by show of hands at a Meeting if so decided by consensus. Unless otherwise specified the result of a simple majority shall determine voting.

2.1.2 All members shall abide by these rules.

2.2 The Membership Secretary shall maintain a record of Members names and addresses and shall make this list available for inspection if so requested by the Members of the Society.

2.3 Applications for Membership shall be made on the Society’s official application form.
Applications for membership will be put forward for approval and voted upon at an executive committee meeting - membership is not valid until approved. No reason may be given for refusal of membership. No applicant (including additional applicants forming joint/family membership) shall be deemed a Member until approved by the Executive Committee and payment of the appropriate subscription has been received. Membership will not be accepted and will be revoked from individuals who hold office in another MAS Club in the U.K.

2.4 The Annual Subscription shall be such amount as is recommended by the Executive Committee and agreed by the Members in a General Meeting.
2.5 An application approved and whose appropriate subscription is paid on or after 1st October will be granted membership to the end of the following calendar year.

2.6 Subscriptions are renewable on 1st January, any Member whose subscription renewal is unpaid by 1st March is not entitled to any of the privileges of membership and if the Member shall fail to pay outstanding subscriptions by 1st March his/her name shall be automatically erased from the register. Reinstatement to the register will be dependant upon a new application being submitted in accordance with these Rules.

2.7 Any Member may withdraw from the Club at any time on giving notice of 28 days to the Secretary provided that such Member shall be liable for his/her subscription for the current year in which notice is given and he/she shall have 
no further claim upon any property or funds belonging to the Club. Any property belonging to the club must be returned before notice can be accepted. This applies equally to any Member expelled.

2.7.1 Once membership has been approved, provided subscriptions have been paid at the correct time, renewal of membership shall not be refused. With the exception of default on subscriptions, or resignation, a member may only be removed from the Club’s register by following the procedure defined in section 9 of these Rules.

2.8 The Executive Committee may propose candidates for Honorary Life Membership but an offer shall not be made until ratified by the Annual General Meeting.


3.1 Management of the Society shall be the responsibility of an Executive Committee consisting of not more than ten (10) Members, plus four Officers of the Society, namely a President, a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  

3.1.1 The President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall retire every two years but shall be eligible for re election by secret postal ballot. Role of Ex Officio Officers. The President of the Society is an Honorary role where the experience and standing of the person is utilised to assist the Officers of the Society and the Executive Committee and to promote the club and its aims generally.

The Chairman’s role is to direct, manage and guide the Officers and Executive Committee in the day-to-day management of the Society and to lead the Society generally in following the current and future aims and objectives of the Society. The chairman is responsible for submitting an Annual Report of the Society’s activities at the Annual General Meeting. The chairman (or his delegate) also has a casting vote in the event of a tie in all voting matters and is expected (but not compelled) to maintain the status quo in so doing.

The Secretary is responsible for the administration of the Society’s Events and Meetings and is the primary contact 
for all correspondence with the Executive Committee. The Secretary is ultimately responsible for any devolved secretarial duties.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters of the Society and ensures compliance with “best practice” accounting principles. This officer is responsible for tendering certified accounts at the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer is ultimately responsible for any financial sub-committees.

3.1.2 Five (5) Members of the Executive Committee shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election by secret postal ballot of all members if more additional nominations are received. If a completely new Committee is elected in any year, the five (5) candidates receiving most votes shall serve initially for two (2) years, the five (5) candidates receiving the next highest votes shall serve initially for one (1) year.  

3.1.3 Annually at the first Executive Committee Meeting after the AGM, the Executive Committee shall elect a Committee Member to act as Vice-Chairman to Chair meetings on the occasions of the absence of the Chairman. For rare occasions where neither can attend a meeting, a Vice-Vice-Chairman will be elected at that meeting. A secret ballot may be employed should there be more than one candidate. Annually the Executive Committee shall elect all relevant posts. Should a non-committee member be co-opted onto the Executive Committee for any of these posts, theyshall not be eligible to vote at Executive Committee Meetings and may be required to leave the meeting for non-relevant agenda items.

3.1.4 Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held up to four (4) times a year or more frequently if necessary and four (4) Executive Committee Members (to include one officer) shall form a quorum for the transaction of business. Every meeting must have a Chairman/Vice Chairman and minutes must be taken.

3.1.5 In the event of the resignation of an Executive Committee Member during the year the Member next in order on the voting list for that year may be invited to join the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting. In the event of the resignation of an Officer during the year the Executive Committee may appoint an Executive Committee member as an Acting Officer until the next Annual General Meeting.

3.1.6 In the event that there are no unsuccessful candidates on the voting list for that year, or if the unsuccessful candidates are unwilling to serve, the Executive Committee may co-opt a Member to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting. If a co-opted Member wishes to stand for the vacancy for the next term he/she will require nomination in the manner detailed in rule 4.1.

3.1.7 The Executive Committee shall have power and authority to deal with any question or issue that may arise and is not provided for in these Rules. 

3.1.8 Complaints from Members concerning any issue including the management of the Society should, in 
the first instance, be submitted in writing to the Secretary for consideration by the Executive Committee at its next Meeting. The Committee shall respond to any and all complainants within 10 days of the next meeting. All complaints will be acknowledged within 7 days of receipt.


4.1 Any fully paid up Member of the Society of two (2) years’ standing may propose another fully paid up Member of one (1) year’s standing for any office or for the Executive Committee provided that the name of the candidate (with their signature of willingness), together with the names and signatures of the proposer and seconder be notified in writing to the Secretary a minimum of 28 days before the Annual General Meeting.

4.1.2 Officers or Executive Committee Members who are standing for re-election shall not require proposing and seconding each year. For the purposes of this rule, an unsuccessful candidate who joins the Committee (see Rule 3.1.7) shall not be deemed to be standing for re-election.

4.1.3 No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee or hold any other office or appointment within the Society.

4.1.4 Candidates for election to the Executive Committee will be appointed based on a simple majority vote by secret ballot of all members and announced at the Annual General Meeting.


5.1 A Bank Account shall be held in the name of the "Miniature American Shepherd Club of Great Britain" into which all revenues of the Society shall be paid. This Account may be supported by additional Accounts approved by the Executive Committee. All cheques and withdrawals shall require two signatures of approved signatories (which shall include the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer, and any other Executive Committee Member appointed from time to time by the Executive Committee as appropriate). The latest bank account statement shall be presented at every Executive Committee Meeting.

5.1.1 The Financial Year of the Society shall be from the 1st day of January to the last day of December.

5.2 The Society’s Accounts shall be certified annually
 by two people with accounting experience nominated by the executive committee. Full details of the nominee(s) shall be published with the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting


5.3 The Executive Committee shall have the power to: - 
(a) Call a General meeting of the Society at any time provided that not less than twenty one (21) days notice in writing is given by the Secretary to every Member of the Society;
(b) Appoint sub-committees, which may include co-opted Members; 
(c) Propose recommendations to the Membership of the Society at the Annual General Meeting;
(d) Manage the general business of the Society; 
(e) Approve or decline applications of membership to the society;
(f) Represent the Society at Breed Council and Kennel Club or Kennel Club approved bodies. 

5.4 A Finance sub-committee may be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall consist of at least three members of the Committee. Co-opted specialists shall be appointed if, as and when required.

5.5 The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with all expenses incurred on behalf of Members and to defray a proportion of expenses necessarily incurred by Executive Committee Members in carrying out approved duties

5.6.1 The Executive Committee shall consult the Membership before any extraordinary expenditure is made from the General Fund. The ordinary limit shall initially be set at £500 and reviewed at the Annual General Meeting.

5.6.2 Items requiring extraordinary amounts of expenditure will be recommended to members in the first instance and will be paid subject to a majority vote approving such items. This may be performed by postal ballot or at a General Meeting. 

5.7 The Executive Committee shall have the power and authority to deal with any questions/issues which may arise and which are not clearly provided for in these Rules. 


Annual General Meeting
6.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on a date to be determined by the Executive Committee but not later than 1st April. Preliminary notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent out to Members not less than six (6) weeks beforehand and any matter to be included on the Agenda must be received by the Secretary at least twenty-eight (28) days before the meeting. No business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting other than that which appears on the Agenda or items that, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Meeting, are urgent.

6.1.1 An Annual Report shall be drawn up by the Chairman in consultation with the Secretary covering all entities and activities of the Society and shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting for approval. Individual detailed reports (not requiring approval) from the various offices will follow the Treasurer’s report.

6.1.2 T
he treasurer will present a set of accounts at the AGM for approval that has been certified by 2 people with accounting expertise who are not on the Executive Committee.

6.1.3 No resolution other than the adoption of the Chairman’s report and the Certified Accounts as presented by the Treasurer shall be moved at the Annual General Meeting unless notice of a resolution signed by the Members who propose and second it has been received by the Secretary at least twenty eight (28) days before the Annual General Meeting. The Members shall be required to print as well as sign their names in order that the Secretary may check the validity of their Membership. The exact wording of the proposed resolution to be voted upon must be contained in the request to the Secretary.

Special General Meetings
6.2 The Secretary shall be bound to call a Special General Meeting at any time if he/she shall be required to do so in writing by not less than 20% of the Membership as stated at the previous Annual General Meeting. Each signatory shall be fully paid up Members who have duly signed the request, which must stipulate the nature of the business, an Agenda including clearly worded resolutions, which shall be carried or rejected by simple majority voting by members present. The quorum for all general meetings shall be 15. The Members shall be required to print as well as sign their names in order that the Secretary may check the validity of their Membership. Changes to the Society’s Rules shall be subject to Rule 6.3.1. Admission to any General Meeting may require proof of identity. 

6.2.1 The Special General Meeting must be held within forty (40) days of the receipt of the request and not less than twenty-one (21) clear days notice shall be given in writing to the Members.

6.2.2 Notice to the Members must contain information concerning the Meeting and the business to be conducted, including exact wording of any proposed resolutions.

6.2.3 No business other than that named in the notice may be discussed at the Meeting. No material amendments to resolutions shall be permissible after the Secretary has dispatched notice.

6.3 The Rules of the Society shall not be altered except at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting, the notice for which shall contain specific proposals to amend the Rules. Any approved alteration shall not be brought into effect until the Kennel Club has been advised and approved the alteration.

6.3.1 New rules or amendments introduced by the Executive Committee specifically to meet Kennel Club requirements shall be adopted immediately by the Society and be included in the Society’s Constitution at the Society’s next General meeting. Notice of these rule changes will be made to all members as soon as possible. 


7.1  Responsibility for the entire property of the Society shall be vested in the Executive Committee jointly.

7.2  Donations or bequests made to the Society or any legal entity set up by it and approved buy its members shall comply with the stated aims of the Society, within the constraints of English Law and relevant regulatory body. Where specific instructions conflict with these aims, donations or bequests may be declined. The Executive Committee/Trustees shall be authorised to decline or accept such donations or bequests.

7.2.1 Cups, Trophies and gifts donated to the Society shall be deemed to be outright gifts to the Society and the Donor shall be asked to sign a release to this effect.

7.3 In the event of the Society being wound up, the property shall, after all the Society’s liabilities have been dealt with, be disposed of by the Executive Committee in the best interests of the Miniature American Shepherd Breed. Any surviving separate entity set up by the Society may only continue operating subject to a majority vote of the Members at the Final General Meeting of the Society. Any separate entity set up by the Society not approved to continue operating shall be separately transferred/wound up in accordance with the relevant regulatory bodies or Trust Deeds and, where permissible, priority to Rule 1.2 shall be given.


8.1 Any Member who shall be suspended under Kennel Club Rule A42j (4) and/or any member whose dog(s) is/are disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A42j (8) shall ipso facto cease to be a Member of the Society for the duration of the 
suspension and/or disqualification.

8.2 If the conduct of any Member shall, in the opinion of the Executive Committee of the Society be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Society, the canine world, Dog Shows, Trials or Competitions, the Executive Committee of the Society may, at a Meeting the notice convening which includes, as an object, the consideration of the conduct of the Member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Society shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her. 

8.3 Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused Member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place date and hour of the Meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If at the Meeting, a resolution to expel is passed by a two thirds majority of the Members present and voting, his/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of Members and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a Member of the Society.

8.4 All Members of the Miniature American Shepherd Club of Great Britain undertake to abide by its general Code of Ethics, as follows.




Club Members:

1) Will properly house, feed, water and exercise all dogs under their care and arrange for appropriate veterinary attention if and when required.

2) Will be responsible for Liability Insurance for their dogs when participating in any club event.

3) Will abide by all aspects of the Animal Welfare Act. 

4) Will not allow any of their dogs to roam at large or to cause a nuisance to neighbours or those carrying out official duties.

5) Will ensure that their dogs wear properly tagged collars and will be kept leashed or under effective control when away from home.

6) Will clean up after their dogs in public places or anywhere their dogs are being exhibited.




1) Will agree that no healthy puppy will be culled. Puppies which may not conform to the Breed Standard should be placed in suitable homes. 


2) Will not create demand for, nor supply, puppies that have been docked illegally.

3) Will agree not to breed from a dog or bitch which could in any way be harmful to the dog or to the breed. 


4) Will only sell dogs where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and healthy life and will help with the re-homing of a dog if the initial circumstances change.

5) Will supply written details of all dietary requirements and give guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing dogs in a new home.

6) Will ensure that all relevant registration & health result documents are provided to the new owner when selling or transferring a dog, and will agree, in writing, to forward any relevant documents at the earliest opportunity, if not immediately available. 

7) Will not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or directly or indirectly allow dogs to be given as a prize or donation in a competition of any kind.

8) Will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed nor falsely advertise dogs nor mislead any person regarding the health or quality of a dog.



Breeders will also follow these guidelines:


MASCGB Breeders earn accreditation by only breeding with fully health tested dogs and complying with DEFRA legislation on the care of their dogs and rearing of puppies in the home.

MASCGB Breeders undertake a thorough and extensive health testing programme for all breeding dogs and only breed from dogs within acceptable breeding parameters.

MASCGB Breeders are all fully Licensed Breeders where required and are in compliance with DEFRA Breeding regulations. These regulations state very clearly that a bitch should only have one litter within a 12 month period and MASCGB strongly prohibit any breach of this government legislation by their accredited breeders.

MASCGB Breeders will only accept you for a waiting list following a vetting procedure. Our accredited breeders are small breeders with a passion for the breed and all their dogs are family pets first and foremost.


Breeding dogs


  • Recommended minimum age for use of stud dogs is 18 months

  • No female should whelp a litter before 24 months of age

  • Females to have at least 12 months in between whelping 

  • Females not to have a litter after 8 years of age without approval from the KC


(FCI guidelines used in above requirements)


Minimum requirements before breeding


  • HD/ED scoring by either OFA, BVA or FCI specialists. Any breeding dogs xrayed prior to import may be excluded from required for ED scoring.

  • Annual BVA (or overseas equivalent) eye examination to have been completed within 12 months prior to breeding

  • MDR1, DM, PRA, CEA testing to be completed unless clear through first generation by parentage. Carriers/affected dogs only to be mated to DNA tested clear dogs or 1st Generation Clear By Parentage.

  • HSF4 testing to be completed unless clear through first generation by parentage.  MASCGB members agree not to breed from HSF4 tested carriers or affected dogs



Breach of these provisions may result in expulsion from club membership and/or reporting to the relevant authorities for legal action, as appropriate.




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