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About The Club

The Miniature American Shepherd Club of GB (MASCGB) was started in 2013 by a group of MAS owners and enthusiasts dedicated to the safeguard and perpetuation of the Breed in the UK. 


As the breed has now grown in the UK with more owners and breeders taking an avid interest in the promotion and all aspects of Miniature American Shepherds, a new committee was formed in April 2015 to provide more opportunities for enthusiasts and owners to meet on a regular basis for training, fun and educational events. Our aim is to hold these events in a variety of locations in the UK giving owners throughout the UK a chance to attend.


We intend to hold our Annual General Meetings at a venue where members can attend to be able to discuss their views and ideas fully. We will always welcome any input from our members!

The MASCGB exists for the benefit of its Members and the Committee aims to provide a full range of regular functions and other activities to promote the training, showing and other activities pertaining to the Miniature American Shepherd as well as encouraging good health management and breeding.

The MASCGB also encourages members to participate in other disciplines such as agility, obedience, working ability, conformation, therapy and educational events.

If you require any help or advice on any aspect of owning a Miniature American Shepherd, please use the CONTACT page.

Miniature American Shepherds Relaxing
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